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3 min readApr 6, 2021


At Twin Apex, we call them as we see them, and to be candid, TotemFi was not a no-brainer investment. However, like so many great crypto projects, things are not always what they appear to be at first glance. Prima facie, we were not blown away, but when we started calculating the incalculable, well, things began to add up.

Let us harken back to September 2020 when none other than Vitalik Buterin proclaimed, “prediction markets may be one of the most underrated categories of Ethereum dapps right now.” We included his typo for accuracy and posterity and subsequently took note. Even nine months later, we did not anticipate our DeFi summer coming to such an abrupt end, nor could we foretell how quickly it would morph and reinvent itself once more. TotemFi, with its DeFi-driven prediction protocol, was a step ahead, and it delivered in gamified fashion, no less.

Even the slightly hokey, “Win BTC prizes by predicting is price, without risking your TOTM stake,” suggests lower barriers to entry, the ever-expanding sense of what is DeFi, and it throws in an element of fun without the feeling that there’s an evil man pulling strings behind the curtain. There is nothing the least bit predatory about a prediction market where one does not risk anything. Hell, it’s cute. When one imagines true adoption and crypto savvy children (I have mixed feelings about this) growing up owning private keys, seminal projects like TotemFi may have been some of the early pavers on the road to this new world.

Further inclusion comes with their multi-pool participation, and if things like guessing the price of Bitcoin don’t cultivate community engagement in crypto, nothing will. I have come to appreciate TotemFi for its subtle prescience and a lasting proposition that can evolve right along with DeFi.

“TotemFi is developing a prediction market dApp with an exciting gamification element that will provide engaging and exciting markets made by the community. There will be a focus on real value creation with BTC and native TOTM rewards for accuracy in predictions combined with high-yield staking. The simple and low-risk prediction model aims to improve accessibility by not penalizing the user’s principle stake for inaccurate predictions, while there are additional collaborative rewards if the prediction pools collectively make accurate forecasts.

Can the crypto community pool together and predict the future BTC price? Stake and find out..!”

Jolyon — CEO TotemFI

Prediction markets are under-served in crypto at the moment but have huge potential to become mainstream, realistically, it needs to exist as a type of asset class. If it is regulated correctly, it’s a good thing and provides a better and safer path for adoption from users.

Totem has created an intuitive and attractive user interface and has been transparent and published their staking pool reward information. Combining staking functionality with prediction markets has created their prediction pools. They are unique because they deliver fixed staking rewards alongside high-yielding BTC & $TOTM rewards for accurate predictions.

We have created a detailed report for TotemFi, which can be found here. Like us, you will be impressed with the team, their product, and their ethos. TotemFi is intended as a medium to long-term hold.

About TotemFi

TotemFi is a staking-based prediction market for the crypto community. Built with the community at its heart, TotemFi’s innovative DeFi prediction protocol empowers individuals and groups to earn native $TOTM and BTC rewards.

TotemFi’s decentralised app (dApp) launches in mid 2021. Sign up to our mailing list now at for news, exclusives and further incentives.





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Twin Apex Capital is a venture capital firm that makes early strategic investments in blockchain projects set to disrupt the blockchain sphere!