Twin Apex Capital Invests in Terra Virtua ($TVK)

Twin Apex Capital are excited to announce a strategic long-term investment in Terra Virtua.

Terra Virtua is the next evolution of Digital Collectibles built on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). They are delivering a total ecosystem where users can buy and sell exclusively licensed collectibles in 2D and 3D animations from films such as The Godfather, Top Gun, Sunset Boulevard and Lost in Space, Pacific Rim, and World War Z with many more exclusively licensed deals to come.

The team at Terra Virtua has also developed Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) applications to take Digital Collectibles to another level.

“When we looked at Terra Virtua’s Augmented Reality (AR), our immediate reference and comparison was Pokémon Go and how they integrated AR to take gaming into the real world. They accrued more than 550 million installs in its first 80 days from launch!”

- Twin Apex Capital

Twin Apex Capital is focused on long-term investments in next-generation technology that can deliver new experiences and create new economies.

Digital Collectibles are also benefiting from several trends. Major entertainment brands such as Marvel and Warner are evolving their toys into collectibles and digital collectibles are part of this evolution. Terra Virtua is uniquely positioned to work with such brands to deliver their unique range of Digital Collectibles.

Whilst Digital Collectibles are benefiting from the recent trend in NFTs, more importantly, we believe they will enjoy sustained high-speed growth and engagement as the global response to the COVID pandemic has accelerated existing trends of growth and adoption across video games, eSports, and online entertainment. Our research shows that growth across 50 key markets rose by 63%. External factors impact growth at such a rate provides additional validation of our long-term investment decision in Terra Virtua.

Terra Virtua will be holding their Token Generating Event (TGE) and listing their token TVK on exchanges in November.

About Terra Virtua ($TVK)

Collecting. Reinvented. A New World of Digital Collectibles.



Twitter: @terra_virtua

About Twin Apex Capital

Twin Apex Capital is a venture capital firm that makes early strategic investments in blockchain companies. We support our projects by way of investment, consultancy, and large-scale exposure. We are constantly on the lookout for projects which are set to disrupt the blockchain sphere with unique and leading-edge technologies.

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Twin Apex Capital is a venture capital firm that makes early strategic investments in blockchain projects set to disrupt the blockchain sphere!