Twin Apex Capital Backs Dafi Protocol

Twin Apex Capital
2 min readMar 31, 2021


Twin Apex is delighted to announce that we are backing Dafi Protocol in their mission to reinvent staking, nodes & liquidity by creating synthetic rewards for every decentralized network!

In a nutshell:

“Dafi reinvents how networks are rewarded. Every decentralized economy can now create synthetics to reward Staking, Nodes & Liquidity. Dafi simply rewards users based on network adoption later — not earlier”

Zain Rana — CEO Dafi

How Dafi Works:

Dafi introduces a logical model, where reward quantity is tied to network demand. This incentivizes users to support a network longer, by being rewarded later, and not during reduced adoption.

Dafi is based on core economic principles, which include:

1 — Reducing the quantity of network rewards initially, as demand is too low. This would only lead to supply-shocks and risks such as single user control of network value.

2 — Increasing issuance of tokens only as adoption rises — forming a direct link between these two market-factors for better, healthy growth of decentralized economies.

3 — Enhancing scarcity when a network’s decline in demand, to protect an economy, an adaptive response is required to prevent an over-release of tokens. Even during low-demand periods, users are still rewarded for participation later — when demand rises.

Since its Token Generation Event, Dafi’s tenacious and passionate team has continued to build and create Partnerships with Bridge Mutual, Router, and BitMax. 40 Million tokens are already being staked in BitMax, that’s 20% of Dafi’s network value. This much success from the outset will only solidify the project’s long-term success.

“We were very pleased upon initial review process of the DAFI project, proposition, team & vision.

We quickly came to the conclusion that the team & project made organic sense for our portfolio & fell into the bracket of a project that we would be delighted to support for a long term partnership.

We were beyond pleased to see how the team executed all things pre-launch/post-launch & we stand commited to walk alongside this team for the entire duration of their journey & budding legacy.”

Twin Apex Capital

We applaud the team on their unwavering efforts to galvanize Dafi protocol, by securing partnerships and investments. Twin Apex believes that Dafi is set to facilitate mass adoption with their unique protocol. We look forward to a long-term supportive relationship with Dafi.

About Twin Apex Capital

Twin Apex Capital is a venture capital firm that makes early strategic investments in blockchain companies. We support our projects by way of investment, consultancy, and large-scale exposure. We are constantly on the lookout for projects which are set to disrupt the blockchain sphere with unique and leading-edge technologies.

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Twin Apex Capital

Twin Apex Capital is a venture capital firm that makes early strategic investments in blockchain projects set to disrupt the blockchain sphere!