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Twin Apex has taken a position in Collateral and the reasons should come as no surprise to anyone. In an asset class where speculation and investment are inextricably intertwined, Collateral hits a number of touchpoints that will serve as harbingers of realized adoption.

Bridging Fiat To Crypto — Outside of solving the oracle problem, there is no singular theme in crypto that is bandied about as regularly as the proverbial payment gateway mystery solver.

As hackneyed as this narrative maybe, a few select providers are doing the crypto-to-fiat thing and a few more are going to really do it. The wake of those that have already tried and failed is impressive and still growing. Why so many? Because the potential for projects with truly seminal ambitions is hard to pass up. Are these apps seamless? No, but we’ll settle for disjointed with incentives because right now, the big-name “bridge providers” make us feel like we’re paying tourist nightclub cover charges to move between cash and crypto.

Though the landscape is changing rapidly, the fluid end-to-end solution may still be a few ways off. Collateral is making it painless by being robust and for now, this is exactly what matters. Painless is a great way to aggregate dollars in the form of digital assets. How great? Well, as an eat, breathe and sleep crypto entity, We can’t tell you how many top-flight traders, influencers and outright whales don’t use a Metamask wallet and refuse to interact with Uniswap but are taking a second look at Collateral. Obviously, Metamask and Uniswap don’t need their business but it speaks to an obvious point — safe storage, easy access, truly mobile crypto applications are lacking.

The Collateral app uses Collateral Pay to lock and spend crypto through supporting merchants…at the point of sale. This is kind of a big deal. Should Collateral get enough digital dollars under their banner, merchants will follow. Incentives. The reason we’d use this over something else.

There’s also Collateral Loan so users can lend out crypto to pay for items in fiat to merchants that don’t accept crypto. A little circuitous and carries a charge but the benefits are not hard to detect. The native token does the solid APR on staking and by all accounts, it’s showing a lot of promise. Another incentive.

This is the Deep Dive report created by Twin Apex Capital on Collateral.

We won’t go on to espouse all the virtues and potential we learned about in discovery and due diligence — hopefully you get the idea. This is another Twin Apex medium to long-term hold. The market is supporting longer holds right now and for those who can make real strides in this window of opportunity will reap the benefits.

About Twin Apex Capital

Twin Apex Capital is a venture capital firm that makes early strategic investments in blockchain companies. We support our projects by way of investment, consultancy, and large-scale exposure. We are constantly on the lookout for projects set to disrupt the blockchain sphere with unique and leading-edge technologies.

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Twin Apex Capital

Twin Apex Capital is a venture capital firm that makes early strategic investments in blockchain projects set to disrupt the blockchain sphere!